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Palm Springs Perfection

Like the perfect tan, the perfect weather and the perfect martini, Palm Springs is all about the quest for perfection. Now everyone can enjoy that perfect life at the perfect price. Simply. Affordably. Dependably.

Thanks to the revolution of Rotomolding, a Palm Springs Spa is all that and more. It's the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective method ever conceived by man to manufacture portable hot tubs. One piece, Unibody Construction spun out of the latest and greatest space age polymers for durability, dependability and rugged reliability.

Thought you'd seen it all? How about hot tubs with hot new features like the industry's first, Tite-Fit Cover. A totally insulated, roto-molded hard cover that will hold your weight and hold it's own in the worst of weather conditions. A "forever cover" that you won't have to throw away in a year or two when it gets waterlogged or wasted by the sun. And a cover which actually holds in the heat better than any other cover currently made since it's actually molded to form a tighter seal with the shell. With the only Built-In Cover Lifter in it's category.

So go ahead. Step inside a Palm Springs Spa and see for yourself how bright the future can be for you and your business. A better product at a better price. Now that's perfection.

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